Ingredient: Rose water

Rose water is the distilled essence of rose petals. In Lebanese and other Middle Eastern cuisines, it is used to scent syrups, pastries, confections, ice creams, and puddings. Rose water has varying degrees of strength, so use it sparingly and adjust the amount to taste. Foods flavored with rose water should not taste like you’re drinking a bottle of perfume or eating a bar of soap. Flavors should simply be enhanced with a floral note.

Rose water is available at Middle Eastern grocery stores. Don’t live near one? Many supermarkets carry rose water as a specialty item. You can get good rose water online for less than $5/bottle.

You might also like to try Mymoune rose water (which is clear) and rose syrup (which is pink, and all natural) from Lebanon, pictured above. This gorgeous, organic rose water is made by two sisters on their parents’ farm outside of Beirut; they started their business to provide jobs and income for the women of their village. It may cost a twenty-spot, but authentic, beautiful ingredients like these inspire. Poke around their site and you’ll find you want more than just the rose water. When I go to Lebanon, I will visit the sisters and tell you all about them. Order their rose water, rose syrup, orange blossom water, and other beauties here.

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6 Responses to Ingredient: Rose water

  1. Karine Keldany says:

    Congrats on your blog. Looks great. Looking forward to more recipes and great pictures. I hope to start my food and photography blog soon too. I think I just need a push. :)
    I am happy you mentioned Mymoune in this post as I was trying to find their link. I saw on a program called “Fourchette et Sac a dos” how they made rose petal preserve and they had not mentioned Mymoune. They had just said it was family run B. and they showed the place and the local women making the jams. It made me remember the jams my dad used to bring for me from Lebanon and Syria as a kid. They were to die for. Nothing I tasted afterwards was comparable. :) So thank you Maureen for the link.

    • Maureen Abood says:

      Hi Karine–thanks for reading, and for your great comment. I will look for the program on rose petal preserves–I’d love to see that. Mymoune is special. Wonderful that you will be starting a blog — I look forward to it. Keep me posted!

  2. Lana says:

    I stumbled upon your beautiful blog by chance, following a link by Nancie McDermott and now I cannot wait to cuddle up on my couch and learn more about you and your family.
    I just returned from Serbia, where I spent four months taking care of my mother, who is seriously ill. Knowing that one day soon she will not be here to guide me in my culinary (and other) pursuits made me greedy for every moment with her. But, I missed her rose petal preserves “tutorial” – middle of July was a bit too late for that. I managed to bring a small jar of it, though, as we all adore the stuff!
    Have a great weekend!

    • Maureen Abood says:

      What a wonderful note–thank you so much for reading and sharing with me, Lana. I imagine how difficult it must be to think of your mother not being with you. Her rose petal preserves sound amazing…I would love to see and taste them too…. Take care and looking forward to staying connected.

  3. Vin Campbell says:

    Hello Maureen! I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident! I was checking some Google searches regarding the Mymoune product line – and your site popped up! I recently joined forces with Youmna & Leila and a company they deal with here that imports many of their products. I began my website – in an effort to get the Mymoune products an online presence. When you can, please check out my site and also, see the products on as well! The best of luck to you in all of your endeavors! Vin Campbell, Mymoune USA

    • Maureen Abood says:

      Hello there Vin! What a wonderful surprise to see you here. I’m thrilled to know that Mymoune is pushing their gorgeous, special products online and in the USA. And I’m thrilled to know my site came up in your search…. I will be coming to Lebanon in May and would love to connect!!


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