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Postcard from Up North

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. ~
Dr. Seuss

(Farewell summer 2012. We are smiling because you happened, and we were here.)…

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Labor Day Weekend Breakfast: White Peach Pancakes

I’ve waited in some long lines for good food. It’s really kind of embarrassing. When Mia Francesca was in its early years after opening in Chicago, there were no reservations, so if you wanted to eat there you had to …

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Technique: How to peel a (gorgeous) peach

Elaine Zawacki, my next door neighbor and babysitter on Wagon Wheel Lane, had a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She had to, when you think about it, since she was charged with trying to keep five wild kids at …

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Ingredient: White Peaches

I had traveled all day long to get to Vic, a town north of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. My destination was the retreat house of a group of Catholic religious sisters, where I’d be staying for 12 days while working …

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Favorite Things: little pitchers

You don’t have too look far in my mother’s homes to find little collections of things here and there. On Wagon Wheel Lane, she had a pretty line-up of miniature metal teapots on the window sill. On the piano, tiny …

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