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Postcard from Up North

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. ? Victor Borge

(There were three, and they had just run out in front of me across M-119. They smiled for the camera, we laughed together, and then they moved on.)…

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Apple butter, slow cooked

I’m making a lot of an incredibly good apple butter these days, and it all started with the oatmeal. And habits. Which I haven’t always been great at forming. It’s taken some time and thought to recognize this about myself, …

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Technique: How to core and peel an apple

This week I’m asking a favor. This favor involves some work, the work of coring and peeling a whole lot of apples. I wish the fruit would just split apart with ease like an apricot so we could mindlessly slip …

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Favorite Things: Frosted acrylic spoons by Sabre

We’re smack in the middle of a color explosion up north. Green green grass, burning bushes and apples, orange pumpkins that make your head pop off they’re so vibrant piled up out in the field on the farm.

And …

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Ingredient: Apples

Here’s the thing about apples and me: we aren’t great friends. They try to get together in August and I refuse to return their calls. I once spouted off so vehemently about not eating apples in summer that a funny …

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