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Homemade yogurt, Lebanese laban: the recipe

Here’s a simple post for a simple recipe to make your own yogurt. You can do this! You want to do this! There’s something deeply satisfying about homemade yogurt—the making of it, and above all, the eating.

Your yogurt can …

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Homemade yogurt: a few tips about ingredients

Once you get the hang of making your own yogurt (a.k.a.: laban), you will do it without thinking. You’ll do it as a matter of course, the same way you start the week off with all kinds of habits. While …

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Homemade yogurt week: My favorite All-Clad pot

One of my first posts here was about the classic Lebanese salad of yogurt and cucumbers, or laban khiyar. Tucked away with that recipe was the method for making your own yogurt—far too tucked away for all of us …

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Postcard from Up North

It is not we who seek the Way, but the Way which seeks us. That is why you are faithful to it even while you stand waiting, so long as you are prepared, and act the moment you are confronted

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Chocolate Glazed Pumpkin Cakes, and a little song too

For every occasion, there is a song. And if there isn’t a song, I will make one up. My repertoire of tunes-by-Maureen is limited to the a capella (no instruments), and those ditties are typically sung for children. You could …

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