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Lebanese man’oushe, za’atar flatbread

My brother Chris was the first to speak to me of the man’oushe. Every time he returned from a trip to Lebanon I wanted to sit him down and discuss, in detail, every bite of food he’d eaten. He was …

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Favorite Things: A baking stone, with handles

A pizza stone is heavy. It’s awkward. It gets hotter than Hades. It’s the sort of thing you might “forget” and leave behind in the oven when you move, just to avoid figuring out how to pack it.

But once …

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Lebanese cheese:Jibin, with habibi-love

Jibin with olives and bread, Maureen Abood

I thought that the jibin was not going to be the multi-day, better-watch-a-video-to-see-how-it’s-done kind of cheese.

Such a video does not even exist, by the way, because jibin is supposed to be so simple that nobody, I mean No One, …

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Favorite Things: Cheesecloth, ultra-fine

Cheesecloth ultra-fine, Maureen Abood

I am astonished when I think back on all of the straining (in the form of labne) that I have made over the years, only to note that I haven’t used cheesecloth in the process. I used cheesecloth to …

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Ingredient: Rennet (yes, rennet)

Junket boxes, Maureen Abood

All I can say to introduce rennet is if you have not cooked with it before, then great!, we are entering new territory together.

The easy definition of rennet is this: it’s a little tablet that is used to turn …

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