Postcard from Up North

Each day asks this of us: that we live it. That we breathe while there is air to float upon. That we move while there is earth to hold us. That we not grieve our too crooked paths, That we not shirk from the beauty of being. ~Thomas Lloyd Squalls

(Harbor Springs gardens are in full, glorious bloom right now. In their own small way, they provide the air, the earth, the beauty–and the crooked path somehow seems less so in their presence.)

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4 Responses to Postcard from Up North

  1. Diane Nassir (my maternal grandmother was an Abood (Jamileh) from Ammun Leb. says:

    Your picture and words bring tears to my eyes and peace to my heart–I am so glad to have been introduced to Harbor Springs thru your eyes and soul.

  2. Bill B. says:

    Can’t think of a place I’d rather be than H.S.

  3. That beautifully green grass is a wonderful backdrop to the flowers, well done again.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


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