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Favorite Things: Stone Herb Markers, and the stones of Harbor Springs


I don’t think there is a road you can take in Harbor Springs that doesn’t offer some formation or another of stones: retaining walls, yes, but also chimneys and lamp posts, pillar bases and home foundations and water fountains. …

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Favorite Things: Gien, and platters for salads. Make it new.

It’s like when you eat dessert (pudding? Yes, pudding. Chocolate.) from a jar. Or drink wine from a juice glass.

The pudding, the wine—it’s not the same, depending on its vessel. Some of us will agree on that point and …

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Favorite Things: Coconut Extract (the real deal)

When you love coconut, you want to taste coconut. It took me years to understand that my coconut cream pies were just okay, and tasted more like vanilla custard pie with a little bit of coconutty chew rather than like …

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Favorite Things: A roller rolling pin

Unlike my mother, I have never been much of a collector. Her mind takes just about anything she loves and turns it into a collector’s odyssey, a search-and-find presence of mind that is always with her. She’s done it with …

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Favorite Things: A Fondue Set

I have been lusting after a fondue set for years now. I thought when we moved out of Wagon Wheel Lane that my mother’s harvest gold, mid-70s fondue pot would turn up for me to claim as my own, but …

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