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Ingredient: European-style butter (for our Za’atar Croissants)

Happy spring—it feels official now, even in Up North in Michigan, where it snowed as recently as last week. While we are far from the first crop of anything here, there is still the sense that the place is waking …

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Ingredient: Fava Beans

What, can I ask, is wrong with the Lebanese that we so dearly love the very beans that require such painstaking attention? The chickpea is a wonder bean, but that little sucker is most often nothing until it is properly …

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Ingredient: Edible Dried Lavender

Last summer, when I was intoxicated with the beauty, scent, and flavor of the fresh lavender from Lavender Hill Farms up north here, I thought of this very February day.

When seasons are so defined, so distinct, deep, and determined …

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Michigan apples, comfort me


It was the kind of fall morning that Michigan does best: mist rising off the bay, sun just up over the horizon, leaves on the cusp of their burning beauty.

The day promised sunshine, warmth, and apples. Lots of …

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Sesame seeds, a Lebanese favorite

The sesame seed is to the Lebanese what parmesan cheese is to the Italians: a must-have, an essential essential, a favorite flavor-maker. The seed has been one of the most important summer crops in the Middle East for thousands of …

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