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Detroit’s Eastern Market. I love and admire you.

My love affair with Michigan is no big secret. I’ve been professing my admiration and affection the last couple of years like Mr. Darcy finally proposing to Elizabeth: “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and

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Simple Lebanese Pickles and Preserves


I know that everyone seems to be all about the sterilized canning, and I’ve done a good bit of that in the past. But seems I can’t get enough of the Lebanese recipes for quick pickles and preserves that hold …

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Homemade Apricot-Lime Fruit Leather

If it still to this day surprises me, it’s got to be surprising to you too: Fruit leather is so Lebanese.

I was eating fruit leather long before I’d ever heard that term, and even before we were buying fruit …

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Apricot-Walnut Granola with Orange Blossom, and a new life

I haven’t heard my father’s name spoken so many times in the 12 years since he died as I have in the last week. For the first time I truly understand, and I feel, the power of a namesake. It …

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Favorite Things: Canal House

When I first started reading Saveur when it was launched years ago, I was, like everyone else, attracted to the incredibly homey, rich stories and food photography on every page. The editorial approach made me feel as though my writing, …

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