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Recipes for your (full) holiday cookie plate


Here’s what goes on in our house right about this time every year: the holiday china and its accessory pieces appear, as do the pretty paper plates for giving some of the bounty away. A plate or two are …

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Orange Blossom Simple Syrup recipe

So many Lebanese pastries rely on orange blossom syrup for flavor, for fragrance. And though the syrup is truly simple in its method and short ingredient list, there are a few different approaches to it: some with more sugar than …

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A Christmas Eve Menu, with ideas and tips

Somewhere along the line, our Christmas feast shifted from Christmas day to Christmas Eve. Our Eve used to be the seven of us, along with Sitto, Aunt Hilda and everyone’s favorite cousin, Alberta. Hilda liked a screwdriver to kick off …

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Bohica Lodge Lebanese Menu, way up north

I love a small world. Several months back, I received a note from someone who had been googling around for a good recipe for kibbeh nayeh. Clif came across my site (yay SEO), and as he read my essay about …

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Postcard from Lebanon

The Lebanese love the water. Might explain what brought us to Michigan.

Can you smell the roses and herbs? It was so aromatic, I hope it wafts in for you.

Hallab pastry shop. Need I say more?

Beirut beckons.…

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