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Date Nut Bread Recipe, and learning to fly solo


When I went to culinary school a few years ago, I wanted to make a change as much as I wanted to cook great food. I left the job I’d been working in Chicago for years, left the neighborhood …

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Lebanese Soup & Bread Recipes for cold and blustery days

No matter how you define cold where you live (no judgments here…), there’s no debate about keeping the home fires burning when the chill arrives, or at least the stove, with something warming. Something comforting. Something that eases the freeze …

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Thanksgiving Menu Ideas


Rev up your Dansko clogs, my friends. It’s Thanksgiving game on.

I suspect you’ve got the star of the show, your turkey ideas, well in hand (will you brine? Fry? Or just let someone else worry about it?). …

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Ingredient: Mahleb

Sour cherries are so delicious that I suppose it’s not so shocking that someone, somewhere deep in the past kept eating right past the bright red flesh and crunched away at the pit. There that adventurous eater discovered an almond-like …

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Lebanese man’oushe, za’atar flatbread

My brother Chris was the first to speak to me of the man’oushe. Every time he returned from a trip to Lebanon I wanted to sit him down and discuss, in detail, every bite of food he’d eaten. He was …

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