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Strawberry Rose Cheesecake Recipe, with labneh

I was on the hunt for strawberries for all kinds of reasons. Number one: the presence of strawberries at the farmer’s market Up North would mean that the soil, the air, the sun and sky were, at long long last, …

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Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe, with Raspberry-Rose Cream

The other night a few of us got to talking about the aromas that have been especially memorable from different times and places of our lives. I couldn’t help but recall the ethanol that filled the air space when I …

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Favorite Things: Angled Measuring Cups

Measuring is serious business, especially when you’re baking. Most of us don’t use our Salter scales every time we add an ingredient to the mix, so the right measuring cups are important. My mom was the one who first started …

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Favorite Things: A smaller, taller cake pan

Six inch cake pans, Maureen Abood

While few things say a party, or a birthday, like a layer cake, the ones we always made at home came out on the short and stocky side. I thought the issue was that the cake just didn’t rise like …

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Chocolate Glazed Pumpkin Cakes, and a little song too

For every occasion, there is a song. And if there isn’t a song, I will make one up. My repertoire of tunes-by-Maureen is limited to the a capella (no instruments), and those ditties are typically sung for children. You could …

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