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Favorite Things: A roller rolling pin

Unlike my mother, I have never been much of a collector. Her mind takes just about anything she loves and turns it into a collector’s odyssey, a search-and-find presence of mind that is always with her. She’s done it with …

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Ingredient: European-style butter (for our Za’atar Croissants)

Happy spring—it feels official now, even in Up North in Michigan, where it snowed as recently as last week. While we are far from the first crop of anything here, there is still the sense that the place is waking …

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Favorite Things: Angled Measuring Cups

Measuring is serious business, especially when you’re baking. Most of us don’t use our Salter scales every time we add an ingredient to the mix, so the right measuring cups are important. My mom was the one who first started …

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Sour Cherry Galette with Cream Cheese Crust

The possibilities for sour cherries are endless. They’re a natural for Lebanese recipes, fitting right in with our penchant for all things sour and tart (the terms are used interchangeably to describe this type of cherry). Last week’s line-up of …

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My Mom’s Best Pie Crust

Everyone who knows my mother knows that the hallmark of her character is grace. Pure grace. This is reflected in her face, her home, her kitchen, her conversations.

And her pie.

I love watching people taste my mom’s pie for …

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