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Farewell Lebanon, until we meet again.

We were remote, in the mountains, paying homage to our adored Lebanese saint, Charbel. It was a haunting place, creaking with wind and chill and a kind of desolation. I prayed for all of us.

As I left, the …

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Postcard from Lebanon

The Lebanese love the water. Might explain what brought us to Michigan.

Can you smell the roses and herbs? It was so aromatic, I hope it wafts in for you.

Hallab pastry shop. Need I say more?

Beirut beckons.…

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Postcard from Lebanon

Beirut at night. A cab driver said today of Beirut: it is most beautiful at night.

Other cafes were full. This one was not.

Manoushe is my new favorite food. We’ll make some, I promise. More importantly, these are my …

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Have homemade granola bars, will travel. To Lebanon.

The year was 1989, and I was a junior in college. My school offered all kinds of study abroad programs, including one for the summer. First my roommate Betsy said she was going. Then Julie. Then Kari. I wanted to …

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Fattoush salad, and poetry, in motion

It wasn’t long after I started working, after graduate school studying poetry and literature, that I started to feel the gnaw. Working was great, a paycheck was even greater. But I wasn’t writing much—just a couple of correspondences that took …

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