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Favorite Things: Gien, and platters for salads. Make it new.

It’s like when you eat dessert (pudding? Yes, pudding. Chocolate.) from a jar. Or drink wine from a juice glass.

The pudding, the wine—it’s not the same, depending on its vessel. Some of us will agree on that point and …

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Favorite Things: Angled Measuring Cups

Measuring is serious business, especially when you’re baking. Most of us don’t use our Salter scales every time we add an ingredient to the mix, so the right measuring cups are important. My mom was the one who first started …

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2013 Cookbook Favorites

May I say that this is the first December that has given me an authentic experience of … too hectic. I knew things were getting bad when my mother took me by the shoulders the other day in the kitchen …

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Lebanese Ma’moul Molds

It seemed as though in recent years there wasn’t a ma’moul mold to be found anywhere around here. Granted, ma’moul has never been as prominent on our holiday cookie plate as it could have been, but still, the molds are …

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Favorite Things: Dansko Kitchen Clogs


The first pair of clogs I owned was in 7th grade, circa 1981. They had a wooden platform heel with sleek tan leather. I felt a little self-conscious in them because they gave me a couple of inches …

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