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Best Lebanese Recipes for Easter, a glass of ice water, and a word of thanks

It has always struck me that the first thing that happens whenever someone walks up the front steps and enters the home of anyone in my family, they are welcomed with a tall glass of ice water. It’s our pineapple, …

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Favorite Lebanese Recipes for Fall; it’s all about balance

Hello fall. Hello pumpkin and low-lying morning fog.

Hello to you too, quiet; whenever you come home, I realize how much I’ve missed you.

Hello chill.

Hello chill? Um, not so much. My greeting is less “hello” and more “get …

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Kishk Soup with Garlic

There were so many striking things about the day I ate kishk for the first time. As I mentioned, kishk is not something I’d ever heard of, let alone eaten, until recently. I tasted a steaming bowlful after a winter …

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Your favorite recipes of 2012, and a new way to find them

It is striking to me to see how, in the year and a half since Rose Water & Orange Blossoms came on the scene, there are certain posts that pull new visitors from around the world again and again to …

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Kibbeh Footballs for a Football Tailgate; Play Like a Champion

One of the many great things about my home state of Michigan is that there are lots of Lebanese populating the state. This translates to one’s ability to find good Lebanese restaurants pretty much around the corner, at least if …

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