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Homemade Power Bars Recipe: Apricot Almond

Power bars, energy bars, call them what you will: they’ve long been a fixture in my gym bag, my handbag, or any bag toting my essentials. I considered them essentials primarily because round about 4 p.m., just before an evening …

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Barley Picnic Salad, and 4th of July in Harbor Springs

The 4th of July picnic menu here on Main Street is always a great topic of discussion in my family, one that entertains us not just in the days leading up to the 4th, but throughout the …

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Father’s Day Menu: Fattoush Wedge Salads with Sumac

When I think of a Father’s Day menu, I immediately want hefty food that has plenty of healthy going on too. My own dad liked a big meal, a big bite, and a lotta crunch. Ditto his sons, who will …

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Ingredient: Kumquats

The Lebanese, we love citrus. If there is anything less than an extra-large bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter at all times, we start to get uneasy. Wouldn’t want to run out. Oranges are our little pets too, especially …

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A Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

Braised short ribs, Maureen Abood

I like to go out on Valentine’s Day for dinner about as much as I like to stay out all night on New Year’s Eve. You’ve got double the number of tables in the house, and “Prix Fixe,” overpriced, molten-chocolate-blah …

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