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Crisp Lentil Patties Recipe

There are very few downsides to my work with Rose Water & Orange Blossoms. Except one thing: I share stuff, and then I’m held to it.

Sweetless, Meatless March? It sounded good, and I was really ready to get …

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My Sweetless, Meatless March



Easter is late this year. Which means Lent starts late (today). Which means that I have been left far too long out there on my own without this annual tap on the shoulder to stop it already with the …

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Lebanese Soup & Bread Recipes for cold and blustery days

No matter how you define cold where you live (no judgments here…), there’s no debate about keeping the home fires burning when the chill arrives, or at least the stove, with something warming. Something comforting. Something that eases the freeze …

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Favorite Lebanese Recipes for Fall; it’s all about balance

Hello fall. Hello pumpkin and low-lying morning fog.

Hello to you too, quiet; whenever you come home, I realize how much I’ve missed you.

Hello chill.

Hello chill? Um, not so much. My greeting is less “hello” and more “get …

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French Lentils with Dijon

Lentils in Apilco2 POST

The Lebanese, we love our lentils. There is mujadara. There is lentil soup. In some instances (never my own) there are pureed lentils and onions that call themselves mujadara.

That about sums up our lentil repertoire, at least …

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