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Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Orange Blossom. And Green Acres.

Scoop of caramel ice cream 3, Maureen AboodThere’s something important about today’s post that I feel should be revealed from the outset. At the risk of some of you hitting the “unsubscribe from these emails” button immediately, here goes:

I…am not…an animal person.

It’s not that I …

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Favorite Things: Coconut Extract (the real deal)

When you love coconut, you want to taste coconut. It took me years to understand that my coconut cream pies were just okay, and tasted more like vanilla custard pie with a little bit of coconutty chew rather than like …

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Lavender-Orange Blossom Shortbread Recipe (Lebanese Graybeh)

I recently spoke to a group of high school students about life as a writer. They were having a whole week of writerly immersion, to encourage the idea that writing isn’t just about that pain-in-the-neck assignment you have to turn …

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Ingredient: Edible Dried Lavender

Last summer, when I was intoxicated with the beauty, scent, and flavor of the fresh lavender from Lavender Hill Farms up north here, I thought of this very February day.

When seasons are so defined, so distinct, deep, and determined …

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Lebanese Walnut Ma’moul Recipe, a holiday stress reliever


I used to kick-box. A lot. And I loved to brag about it.

What’d you do today? Oh, not much, just worked. And kick-boxed…

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there was a point when all of the …

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