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Homemade Falafel Recipe

I’d like to get right to the heart of why, other than perhaps one or two bites, I had never eaten falafel before I made my own, from scratch, recently.

In a word: cumin.

I . . . don’t like …

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My Sweetless, Meatless March



Easter is late this year. Which means Lent starts late (today). Which means that I have been left far too long out there on my own without this annual tap on the shoulder to stop it already with the …

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Baba Gannouj Recipe, a super bowl…

If you are one of what now seems to be the very few people stateside who has weather that permits you to walk from your back door to the grill:

God bless you. You are going to have a smokey …

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How to toast sesame seeds


I have never met a seed, nut, or–I’ll say it–bread that I didn’t want to toast immediately.

We’ve had some good long talks about toasted nuts, deep golden brown toasted nuts that I keep (in little jars) in …

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Sesame seeds, a Lebanese favorite

The sesame seed is to the Lebanese what parmesan cheese is to the Italians: a must-have, an essential essential, a favorite flavor-maker. The seed has been one of the most important summer crops in the Middle East for thousands of …

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