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Ingredient: Cinnamon

When you are eating a delicious Lebanese dish and you find yourself asking, as people often do, what it is you taste that you can’t seem to put your finger on, the answer is often cinnamon. For many, cinnamon is …

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Lebanese Green Bean Stew (yahneh or lubieh) from the expert

By Peggy Abood, special to Rose Water & Orange Blossoms

As the youngest of five in a Lebanese family, you get used to a certain amount of teasing especially when you have three older brothers and a precocious elder …

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Technique: How to caramelize meat for stews and braises

I asked my sister, the yahneh expert, about the what cut of meat she likes to use in this Lebanese green bean stew.

“I use leftover prime rib, or chuck roast that’s leftover or fresh,” she said. “The best yahneh …

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Ingredient: Green beans

I took a lot of flak preparing for this week’s post. That’s because the Lebanese green bean stew we are making, known as yahneh or lubieh, is my sister Peggy’s specialty. (yes, another Irish name. No explanation.) And just …

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