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Favorite Things: A Fondue Set

I have been lusting after a fondue set for years now. I thought when we moved out of Wagon Wheel Lane that my mother’s harvest gold, mid-70s fondue pot would turn up for me to claim as my own, but …

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Za’atar Roasted Potato Wedges Recipe. And always on my mind.


Hi everyone.

Are you still with me? I’m still with you, as much or more than ever, because you are who I think of as I’m working away at Rose Water & Orange Blossoms, the cookbook. Which recipes …

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Lebanese Soup & Bread Recipes for cold and blustery days

No matter how you define cold where you live (no judgments here…), there’s no debate about keeping the home fires burning when the chill arrives, or at least the stove, with something warming. Something comforting. Something that eases the freeze …

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A (simple) New Year’s Menu, and a resolution

Is it just me, or is anyone else kind of worn out right about now? No really good reason for my frayed edges, since the power outage here in Michigan that has kept a lot of families in the cold …

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Lebanese cucumbers

My fascination with cucumbers, the small ones, has gone on for some time. As has my fascination with the English language. I was sitting in the backseat of my mom’s Custom Cruiser, probably circa 1975, when we were driving along …

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