The weather up north has not been ideal for cooking out, but it’ll do. Considering that I’d cook out in the dead of winter if a path is shoveled (by someone else) to the grill, a little early summer chill isn’t going to stop me.

Neither is a Father’s Day without a father. Because whether a father is with you in person or in spirit, there’s plenty to cheers about. Besides, the brothers are all called Dad now, and that keeps the Father’s Day celebration front and center.

Here are some ideas for your cookout this weekend, a Lebanese-inspired feast:

Father’s Day Cookout Menu

Hummus & Crudité, Mixed Olive Bowl

Romaine Fattoush Wedges with Sumac

Grilled Lamb Kofta Burgers with Garlic Sauce

Grilled Red Onion & Zucchini Skewers
Do very little to them: touch of olive oil, salt, pepper. Their flavor comes from that special ingredient called char. Finish with a touch more olive oil and chopped fresh parsley. If you’re looking for lamb shish kebab, find it here!

Lebanese Potato Salad
Scallion, lemon, mint. So good. So healthy. And so popular–we’ve had a motherlode (fatherlode?) of visitors checking out this recipe, and how to cook the potatoes, lately.

Cherry Nougat Glace with Candied Almonds
Very delicious. No ice cream maker needed! Make it ahead, then to serve, just slice and go.

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