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Baba Gannouj in a bowl with pomegranate seeds

Lebanese Baba Gannouj (baba ganoush)

Lebanese Baba Gannouj (baba ganoush) is a simple eggplant dip made of just a few ingredients. The eggplant is charred to get the authentic flavor ...
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Beef shawarma on a platter with vegetables and tahini sauce

Homemade Beef Shawarma

Beef shawarma can be made at home with great success using my simple recipe and tips. Shawarma is classic street food in Lebanon and throughout ...
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Baked eggs topped with za'atar in ramekins

Baked Eggs with Spinach, Labneh and Za’atar

Baked eggs with spinach, labneh, and za'atar are one of the simplest and most delicious ways to make eggs. They're as do-able and delicious on ...
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Cabbage salad with garlic and lemon on a blue plate

Easy Cabbage Salad with Garlic and Lemon

My easy cabbage salad with garlic and lemon is SUCH a winner! It comes together in a snap and packs incredible fresh flavor. So healthy ...
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Cabbage cut in half with the core removed

How to Core and Cut Cabbage

Learn how to core and cut cabbage with ease. Cutting your own fresh cabbage for slaw and other preparations is so economical and the flavor ...
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Pickling cucumbers in a gratin dish on the counter

How to choose and store produce

Here's how to choose and store produce, especially the ones we buy loose. Get all of the tips to make the best selection and keep ...
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Lebanese Koosa Soup with Meatballs

Lebanese Koosa Soup with Meatballs

Lebanese Koosa Soup with Meatballs is an easier, faster way to all of the flavors we love in a beautiful, warming bowl of soup. Koosa ...
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Lebanese Mujadara Lentil Pilaf

Mujadara, Lebanese Lentil Pilaf

This classic and beloved Lebanese Mujadara pilaf is made with lentils, caramelized onions, and rice or coarse bulgur. It's both vegetarian and vegan. Mujadara is ...
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Fine and coarse bulgur side by side in a blue bowl

What is Bulgur?

Bulgur is a staple of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, a key ingredient in dishes like tabbouleh. This grain one of the healthiest you can ...
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Quinoa Protein Salad in a Deruta serving dish

Low-Carb Lebanese Recipes.

Lebanese recipes are an excellent way to ramp up a low-carb, high-protein menu. Flavor galore!
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Maureen Abood in the kitchen

I'm so glad you're here! You'll find among these pages the fresh and classic Lebanese recipes we can't get enough of! My mission is to share my tried + true recipes -- and to help our Lebanese food-loving community keep these culinary traditions alive and on the table. What recipes are you looking for? Let me know!

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