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Bowl of lentil tomato soup on the counter

Lentil Bulgur Soup with Mint Olive Oil

This bulgur lentil soup with mint olive oil fulfills the Mediterranean Diet requisites: legumes, grains, herbs, olive oil. Find the best of these ingredients at I am pleased with myself if I’m able to work in a component of the Mediterranean diet in every meal or snack of the day. Herbs and spices here,…
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Three tins of olive oil on the counter from Maureen Abood Market

4 Tips to Choose and Use Olive Oil

With so many olive oils to choose from online and at the grocery, how to choose can be a mystery! Scroll down for 4 tips to choose and use olive oil for optimum enjoyment. And head over to for a fabulous selection of the good stuff. 1. Choose EXTRA VIRGIN. Extra Virgin Olive Oil…
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Fatayar triangle in the palm of the hand

Top 20 Recipes of 2020!

Here are the top 20 recipes of 2020, the recipes you–and there are LOTS of you!–visited most. I know I’ll be revisiting some of my own recipes based on these favorites in the New Year. You’ll find everything from recipes that define a healthy Mediterranean Diet to festive recipes for celebrations. Let’s go!   20:…
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Eggnog with cinnamon swirl in a crystal punch bowl

Authentic Eggnog

The richness of this authentic eggnog recipe is lightened with a big puff of whipped meringue and whipped cream. You can go non-alcoholic, but the rum really does cut the richness. Authentic eggnog, rich and creamy and heavily spiked, has always for some reason seemed out of reach come Christmas and New Year’s at home.…
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Apple pie on a rack with sugar and spoon

Apple Pie with Stovetop Filling

Apple pie with stovetop filling comes together quickly, and is accented with a whisper of beautiful flower waters (get them here). I have to admit that the apple pie here is typically last or near-last on the list of must-make for Thanksgiving. As a stand-alone pie especially when apple season hits in the fall, apple…
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Apricot Upside Down Cake on a sheet pan

Apricot Upside-Down Cake

Apricot Upside-Down Cake is made with a brown-butter,  brown-sugar topping and soft sponge cake. A hint of orange blossom is perfect here. I’ve never been good at favorites. As in, what’s your favorite cake? What’s your favorite color? What your favorite anything. I love them all. Same with this apricot upside-down cake. I would never…
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Aspargus pickles in weck jars

Asparagus Pickles with Grape Leaves

Asparagus pickles with grape leaves in the jar go extra-crisp! The grape leaves deliver tannins that impart more crunch. These are refrigerator pickles, quick and easy. So delicious for your cocktail hour or on the buffet. This recipe is as much about the humble grape leaf as it is about the grand pickled asparagus. I…
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Vermicelli rice in a pot with a wooden spoon and chicken shawarma

Lebanese Vermicelli Rice

Lebanese Vermicelli Rice is a mainstay with any grilled meats or vegetables. The broken vermicelli pieces are browned in butter for an added layer of color and flavor. Buy the Vermicelli Pieces here. In culinary school, in the French tradition, there are a few bedrock recipes that a student begins with: Pâte à choux (think…
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Green beans with onions in a blue bowl

Green Beans with Onions and Pomegranate

Green Beans and red onions are gently sweetened with pomegranate molasses (find it here). This dish is at home at summer cookouts as it is on the holiday buffet. For how tiny the country of Lebanon is (a little smaller than Connecticut), the diaspora of the Lebanese outside of Lebanon seems to be absolutely ginormous.…
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Fingers pinching fatayar

How to shape fatayar so they won’t open up.

Fatayar, little savory hand pies, can be a challenge to hold their classic triangle shape without opening at the seams. Here’s how to shape fatayar so they won’t open up! The big challenge anyone who has ever baked fatayar knows is this: how to shape those little ditties so they have a lovely triangle shape.…
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Maureen Abood in the kitchen

I'm so glad you're here! You'll find among these pages the fresh and classic Lebanese recipes we can't get enough of! My mission is to share my tried + true recipes -- and to help our Lebanese food-loving community keep these culinary traditions alive and on the table. What recipes are you looking for? Let me know!

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