Hummus with Olives, Pine Nuts and Olive Oil Crostini

Hummus with olives, pine nuts, and crostini

 Hummus with olives, pine nuts, and crostini make for a beautiful, holiday-worthy appetizer. Healthy and luscious and lovely, all in one! Get out the good china! Hummus is rightly an everyday or at least an every-week food. And sometimes the everyday gets (rightly) set aside for the special times, the feasts, the celebrations. But smooth…

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Mini Cheese Flatbreads with Mint

Lebanese cheese flatbreads

These mini cheese flatbreads with mint are a Lebanese tradition, part of the mana’eesh, the man’oushe flatbread family and just one of the many variations of toppings used. I love making cheese flatbreads in little rounds using my fatayar dough recipe, party-ready and so soft and tender. The topping is out-of-this-world flavorful, with halloumi, labne,…

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Pita Bread Recipe

Pita bread made with yogurt on a rack

This pita bread recipe is super reliable and results in gorgeous, pillowy pitas that will wow everyone in your kitchen. I love this pita bread recipe especially because it is brought to us by Molly Yeh, from her Yogurt Short Stack cookbook (get it here!)! Yes, there is yogurt in our pita dough! Yogurt imparts…

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Chocolate Tahini Breakfast Rolls

Chocolate Tahini Breakfast Rolls in a beautiful white baking dish

Chocolate tahini breakfast rolls are like the rich, gorgeous cousin of a cinnamon roll. Butter enriches both the chocolately filling and the soft, pull-apartable dough. Yes, you can make these ahead and refrigerate the dough before the second rise, then bake them off like a champ morning of.  It makes sense, I think, to rate…

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Date-filled Ka’ik

Date filled molded kaik cookies

There are many versions of Lebanese ka’ik (or ka’ak), some biscuit-like and others bread-like. This spiced, glazed sweet bread version is filled with dates and pressed for a beautiful imprint on top. Find the molds at Maureen Abood Market. As I was noting recently, the scent of what’s cooking in the kitchen has a powerful…

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Zalabia, Glazed Lebanese Donuts

Lebanese donuts on a rack with syrup glaze

These traditional Lebanese zalabia donuts are made with a yeasted dough, spiced with anise and cinnamon and glazed with flower water syrup. Zalabia donuts are made by Christian Lebanese to celebrate the feast of the Epiphany in January, but we love them whenever we want homemade donuts. We also make zalabia with “leftover” dough on…

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Brioche Star with Strawberry Rose Jam

Baked brioche star with strawberry rose jam, Maureen Abood

This gorgeous brioche star with strawberry rose jam is scented with orange zest. A beautiful and delicious way to wake up on a holiday morning. Make the dough for the brioche star up to two days before you want to shape and bake the bread, keeping it chilled in the refrigerator. Also see my Christmas…

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A new Za’atar Flatbread recipe to love

Za'atar flatbread on a pizza peel, Maureen Abood

This za’atar flatbread recipe originates as a pizza dough recipe and has the ultimate thin yet soft and chewy crust. Hands down this dough makes the best za’atar flatbread I’ve ever made or eaten, and a tremendous pizza! Bonus: you can make the dough in advance. We all have them, or at least I hope…

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Homemade Baked Pita Chips

Baked pita chips on a sheet pan

I love baked pita chips — simple to make and a great way to use up the last couple of loaves of pita that seem to hang on! Bake them for a healthier-than-fried version and still just as crunchy, salty, and addictive. I’ve written about cousins in all sorts of ways here (i.e., see this…

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Koosa Fatayar (a.k.a.: savory zucchini pies)

Koosa Fatayar are one of many Lebanese fatayar recipes, little triangular pies with savory fillings. Practice makes perfect in getting the dough pinched very hard along the seams to keep the pies from opening up. Find recipes for spinach fatayar here and meat fatayar here. When one makes a study of literature, as I did…

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