Bonus Cranberry Parfait

Cranberry Sauce Parfait in a dish

This simple “leftovers” way with cranberry sauce is dreamy goodness, a Bonus Cranberry Parfait. Try my mom’s incredible Cranberry Sauce with Rose Water & Pistachios here. I think of this recipe as one to be done after Thanksgiving, as a great way to use leftover cranberry sauce. But that title, “leftover,” just seems so unfair,…

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Frozen Blueberry Labneh Swirl Bars

Frozen blueberry swirl bars

Frozen Blueberry Labneh Swirl Bars are gluten-free, creamy-tart bars on a pistachio crust. Ice cream maker optional! As big and crowd-worthy as our recent giant cherry slab pie was, these frozen blueberry yogurt swirl bars are about as small as you can get, pan-wise. They’re in an 8×8, which I rarely use. We’re so often…

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Fresh Mint Slushie

Fresh Mint Slushie with fresh mint and cucumbers on the counter

This fresh mint slushie, given some body with a hit of cucumber, is great with or without alcohol (bourbon, vodka, gin, arak or ouzo–any of these are great). Serve the mint slushie for a twist on the mint julep for the Kentucky Derby, and then all summer long for a fabulous barbecue party drink. Admittedly,…

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Tart Cherry Sorbet Sundaes with Amarena Cherries

My tart cherry love began in northern Michigan but was deepened with the incredible tart cherry sorbet sundaes I’ve had in other places. My tart cherry sorbet recipe is simple to make and the flavor is fabulous, enhanced with a whisper of rose water! I find it ironic that some of the most memorable ice…

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Pistachio Gelato, or Soft Serve

Scoops of pistachio gelato in a bowl with a blue polka dot napkin, topped with crushed raw pistachios

Gelato is served at a warmer temperature than our typical ice creams, so it’s softer, nearly melty, and incredibly good. For pistachio gelato, getting deep pistachio flavor requires using pistachio butter, or pistachio paste, whose ingredients are strictly pistachios and maybe a little oil. This takes some searching and planning ahead to order, but this…

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Lebanese Mulberry Syrup, 3 ways

When I visited Lebanon a few years ago for the first time, I went with what I thought was a very open mind about all that I would see and experience. When it came down to it, though, I believed my sense for Lebanese ingredients and flavors had to be broad enough that there might…

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Warm Salted Caramel Sauce with Orange Blossom

Warm salted caramel sauce with orange blossom, with a plate of apples and salt

Homemade salted caramel sauce is simple to make–mine includes a whisper of orange blossom water, so delicious with the caramel flavor. Serve the caramel sauce with sliced apples and more sea salt to garnish. It’s also wonderful over ice cream, apple pie, apple cake, banana bread, and anywhere else you like your caramel. The dinner…

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Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Orange Blossom

Caramel Ice Cream with scoop

The ultimate ice cream! This recipe for Salted Caramel Ice Cream is adapted from my favorite ice cream book, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. My ice cream maker of choice is this one. The base is made without eggs, but uses cream cheese for flavor and texture. Making the caramel takes close attention; read…

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Apricot Sherbet Recipe, from the summer sun

Apricot frozen yogurt pairs my favorite fruit–the beloved of the Lebanese, apricot–with tangy yogurt, which makes this sherbet not too sweet, and completely addictive. It’s remarkable to discover that a sherbet is simply just cooked fruit or fruit juice and sugar (not too much, or the sherbet won’t set and the fruit flavor won’t shine), chilled…

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