Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Vegetarian Grapeleaves,

Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves are stuffed with a delicious mix of rice, onion, chickpeas, and peppers. Simple adjustments make this gluten-free, and vegan. See how to roll grapeleaves here. Learn how to identify the leaves for picking them fresh here. Hello, cousin. That’s just how we say it, the Lebanese. It’s our expression of closeness…

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How to identify, clean, and store fresh grape leaves

Grape leaves on the vine

[…watch my video on how to roll grapeleaves HERE!…] One of the first, and favorite, things I ever wrote about food was a poem about picking grape leaves. There is, it seems, poetry to be found in the memory of being a child following the ladies out to the edge of a parking lot somewhere…

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Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaf Rolls

Lebanese Grape Leaf Rolls, a taste of Dier Mimas Lebanese grape leaf rolls, also known as dolma or simply stuffed grape leaves. You’ll love this recipe and story about Lebanese family and food. […watch my video on how to roll grapeleaves HERE!…] There is one thing I’ve always thought was a given about grape leaves:…

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Technique: How to roll grape leaves

[…watch my video on how to roll grapeleaves HERE!…] Just like with our baklawa, there is a distinction to be made between Lebanese grape leaf rolls and Greek-style dolma. They’re not the same! Ours are always more slender and smaller in general. How small you go is a matter of preference, as well as the…

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Ingredient: Grape Leaves

I’ve got a secret. Or at least I used to have one, and like my mother and my aunts and my grandmothers, I carried it around in my purse until spring, right around this same time every year when bloom was the big event each day and the unfurling of tender, young grape leaves was…

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