Mulberry Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattan cocktail on the rocks on a marble bar

Here is a fabulous riff on a classic: the Mulberry Manhattan, using the blackberry-like flavor of Mulberry syrup. You won’t find the syrup just anywhere! Check it out here. Greetings from Peggy Abood! Maureen considers me her family mixology master, so she invited me to share some fun cocktail recipes and info with you.  I say…

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Fresh Mint Slushie

Fresh Mint Slushie with fresh mint and cucumbers on the counter

This fresh mint slushie, given some body with a hit of cucumber, is great with or without alcohol (bourbon, vodka, gin, arak or ouzo–any of these are great). Serve the mint slushie for a twist on the mint julep for the Kentucky Derby, and then all summer long for a fabulous barbecue party drink. Admittedly,…

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Mini Cheese Flatbreads with Mint

Lebanese cheese flatbreads

These mini cheese flatbreads with mint are a Lebanese tradition, part of the mana’eesh, the man’oushe flatbread family and just one of the many variations of toppings used. I love making cheese flatbreads in little rounds using my fatayar dough recipe, party-ready and so soft and tender. The topping is out-of-this-world flavorful, with halloumi, labne,…

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Drinks with Mulberry and Rose Syrups

Lebanese Mulberry Syrup spritzer over ice in a beautiful glass, by Maureen Abood

Mulberry and Rose syrups are a part of the Lebanese syrup tradition, and boy do they make delicious sips! Syrups dissolve readily in any liquid, making them the perfect way to bring big flavor to your glass. My sister has pointed out to me, more than once, that I have not shared enough beverages, adult…

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Fresh Mint Lemonade

Fresh mint lemonade with mint sprigs and little hand, Maureen

I love my Fresh Mint Lemonade recipe because the fresh mint flavor is infused into the lemon simple syrup, keeping the lemonade clean and beautiful (some recipes muddle or puree the mint into the lemonade). Make lots of the syrup with a double or triple batch and keep some in the refrigerator for homemade fresh…

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My Lebanese Coffee Love

Lebanese Coffee,

Something big happened around here sometime early last year. Okay…it’s not like I got married, or published a book, or traveled to the homeland of Lebanon. Still, it was momentous all the same. Just please don’t laugh: I started drinking coffee. And now I can’t stop. I always loved coffee before this recent obsession, but…

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Lebanese Mulberry Syrup, 3 ways

When I visited Lebanon a few years ago for the first time, I went with what I thought was a very open mind about all that I would see and experience. When it came down to it, though, I believed my sense for Lebanese ingredients and flavors had to be broad enough that there might…

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Ruby Red Grapefruit-St. Germain Mimosa

By now it’s crystal clear that St. Germain tastes good with just about anything you can think of to pair it with. If you ask my brothers, it’s even better on its own, on the rocks, when late evening comes and something more is called for. The affinity we all have over here for St.…

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Thick Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon, a quiet triumph

Thick hot chocolate,

There are certain things we have eaten in their very finest forms that stay with us, that won’t leave us alone until we eat them again. My list of such finery does not include chicken wings, devotees of which seem to be abounding this week in preparation for the Super Bowl. I admit that I…

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