Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Hazelnuts

Roasted brussels sprouts with red onion, toasted hazelnuts, and mulberry syrup,

Roasted Brussels sprouts with mulberry syrup and toasted nuts are a knockout on your holiday menu. Use any toasted nut you like. I love roasted, salted hazelnuts, a great balance with the tangy fruitiness of the mulberry syrup (or pomegranate molasses). I find it shocking when I hear, usually from one of the nieces or…

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Mom’s Special Lebanese Rice

Lebanese rice with pine nuts and mushrooms in a blue bowl

Lebanese rice is such an essential part of our table that I’m sheepish that I haven’t shared it here before…. My mom’s version is so special and delicious that it’s as at home on your weeknight menu as it is the holiday table. The attributes my mom has passed on to me are legion. Among…

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Lebanese Recipes for Fall

Labneh dip in a squash bowl with vegetables

So many delicious ways to cook Lebanese recipes right now. Here’s what I’m cooking: I love to serve vegetables and dip this way, with the dip in a squash bowl. Simply slice the top off, scoop out the seeds with a melon baller and make a scalloped edge with it, following the natural shape of…

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Lebanese Eggplant Boats, another Sheik al Mehsheh

Lebanese eggplant boats in tomato sauce topped with cheese and pine nuts, in a white casserole, Maureen Abood

Lebanese eggplant boats are the traditional way to make Sheik al mehsheh, a meal “fit for a king”! Serve the eggplant over a bed of cinnamon-scented rice with a crisp, lemony romaine salad on the side. This dish is easily made ahead, as well as casserole-style. For some reason, our Lebanese eggplant, or Sheik al…

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Sumac Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sumac roasted sweet potatoes are a natural! The bright, citrusy flavor of the sumac balances the sweetness of the potatoes perfectly. When I think about what makes the Thanksgiving plate so mouthwatering-good, it doesn’t take much for me to realize that it’s driven by sweet. Oh, and fat. Yes, there is the salty tenderness (brine…

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Warm Salted Caramel Sauce with Orange Blossom

Warm salted caramel sauce with orange blossom, with a plate of apples and salt

Homemade salted caramel sauce is simple to make–mine includes a whisper of orange blossom water, so delicious with the caramel flavor. Serve the caramel sauce with sliced apples and more sea salt to garnish. It’s also wonderful over ice cream, apple pie, apple cake, banana bread, and anywhere else you like your caramel. The dinner…

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Za’atar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Za'atar roasted pumpkin seeds, Maureen Abood

Roasted pumpkin seeds are addictively good as they are, but adding a dusting of Lebanese za’atar spice takes them over the top! These are good for adults and kids alike. Make plenty. I stopped buying pumpkins years ago when I moved to Chicago. They were always so pricey there, ridiculously so. And then there was…

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Apple Chips, and an aunt learns how to field trip

I had just driven downstate from Up North, and my nephew came in the door from school. I started pinging him with my usual questions, had it been a music day or phys ed, Spanish or library? Any field trips coming up? Yes, tomorrow! he said. The apple orchard! I launched into how I’d just…

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Plum Custard Tart Recipe

My Italian plum reverie stems from three places. One, a poem. I first read it in college, and then in graduate school, and then heard it recited with some devotion—nearly like a prayer—by my sister over the years every early fall, when the plums are here. The poet, William Carlos Williams, was also a doctor…

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