Date-Crisp Balls

Date-Crisp Balls, Maureen Abood

Date-Crisp Balls are simple to make, on the stove top with no baking, and the dates impart a luscious caramel flavor. And a bonus: they’re gluten-free! Is this a cookie? Or a candy? How about simply: a treat. An incredibly good treat that comes down to us from my grandmother, Alice Abowd (wife of Richard,…

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Roasted Butternut Squash with Tahini and Pine Nuts

In a small village in the northern mountains of Lebanon some 60 years ago, a young girl made her father’s dinner for the first time. Her dish of choice was mujadara, and the caramelized onion and lentils did just what she’d hoped: they won her father’s praise. Nothing like a father’s adoration to get a…

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How to make your own pumpkin puree

How simple and satisfying to make your own pumpkin puree from pie or sugar pumpkins. Use in pie or any recipe calling for pumpkin puree. Be sure to drain the pumpkin puree if it is watery, as that will affect other recipes it’s used in. The whole time I’ve been working with fresh pumpkin in…

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A Fall Football Menu: Tailgating, Abood-style

When you grow up in a college town like I did, you end up spending all of your fall Saturdays in the stadium watching football games. That was fun…but let’s face it, the tailgate party before the game has always been the bigger attraction for me. I loved going to Spartan stadium with the whole…

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Radish & arugula salad. Here let us feast.

Radish and Arugula Salad,

When the landlady at the first apartment I lived in with my sister in Chicago told us she was selling the old grey stone and it was time for us to move on, I was excited about the prospect of something new and different. That is, until I discovered what moving really meant. For me,…

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Lebanese Potato Salad

Lebanese potato salad is light and fresh with lemon and mint–the perfect, healthy summer salad which is dairy- and gluten-free. See how to cook the potatoes perfectly here and in my video. I was surprised when I returned from Lebanon recently to find the herbs in the back corner garden had come into their own.…

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Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaf Rolls

Lebanese Grape Leaf Rolls, a taste of Dier Mimas Lebanese grape leaf rolls, also known as dolma or simply stuffed grape leaves. You’ll love this recipe and story about Lebanese family and food. […watch my video on how to roll grapeleaves HERE!…] There is one thing I’ve always thought was a given about grape leaves:…

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Technique: How to roast chicken for Lebanese hushwe

Lebanese hushweh, chicken rice pilaf

We’re cooking something very special this week here on Main Street, and hopefully in your kitchen too. Hushwe is the ultimate Lebanese comfort food. A cinnamon-scented rice pilaf with beef, chicken, and nuts, hushwe packs a punch on the nutrition front. Its savory, and if you dare, buttery blend will fill you with a feeling…

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