Hemingway Daiquiri

Daiquiri in a coupe glass with a lime wheel

This post is written by Peggy Abood, sister of Maureen! She is one of the world’s great Hemingway devotees. The Hemingway Daquiri is so refreshing, using fresh-squeezed citrus. Blitz all of the ingredients with lots of ice to go for a frozen Hemingway Daquiri. I know when the love affair started. I wasn’t looking for…

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Caprese Salad with Pomegranate and Mint

Caprese salad on a blue platter

Caprese salad with pomegranate and mint is a flavor explosion. The pomegranate molasses, like balsamic vinegar, lends a sweet-tart note to ripe tomatoes. I figure it was because we had such a cold and unforgiving winter last year (polar vortex, lest we’ve forgotten), but when the leaves made a full appearance last spring, I felt…

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Apricot Chicken Recipe

Apricot chicken in a roasting pan with roasted apricots

This fabulous Apricot Chicken Recipe uses fresh apricots. The roasting method results in juicy roasted skinless, boneless chicken. I was rushing to make a dinner that both my mom and my nephew would like to eat. The chicken breasts seemed harmless enough, and I’ve been schooling myself this summer on how not to dry out…

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Tabbouleh Hummus Platter

Tabbouleh Hummus Platter with blue and white platter

The Tabbouleh Hummus Platter is perfect on your grill buffet, as a side dish and a vegetarian main. Make it gluten-free using quinoa in the tabbouleh. Eat the tabbouleh hummus with thin pita bread or crisp romaine leaves. Someone asked me recently what is my favorite way to eat hummus. That’s a toughie, because I…

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Frozen Blueberry Labneh Swirl Bars

Frozen blueberry swirl bars

Frozen Blueberry Labneh Swirl Bars are gluten-free, creamy-tart bars on a pistachio crust. Ice cream maker optional! As big and crowd-worthy as our recent giant cherry slab pie was, these frozen blueberry yogurt swirl bars are about as small as you can get, pan-wise. They’re in an 8×8, which I rarely use. We’re so often…

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Cherry Lime Slab Pie

Slices of cherry slab pie pon blue and white plates

Cherry Lime Slab Pie is a big sheet pan of a pie, with a high crust-to-filling ratio. The tart (or “sour”) cherries are key to classic cherry pie flavor. I pride myself on being able to put together a decent pie lickity split, without a lot of fuss. Knowing how to make great food without…

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Strawberry Cake with Whipped Cream

Strawberry Cake with Whipped Cream on a cake stand

A 4th of July treasure! For the Strawberry Cake with Whipped Cream, white cake is topped with fresh strawberry puree, then frosted with stabilized whipped cream. Gelatin is the key for the puree and the cream. I’ll get it out there right now: this was supposed to be a post about a strawberry marble cake.…

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Basil Dipping Oil

Basil oil in three plates on the counter

Basil oil is the jewel of the table, and a perfect use for the profusion of herbs from gardens and markets in the heart of summer. For the most part, we don’t seek out Arabic or Mediterranean restaurants all that often. I figure this is because we eat so much of our great food at…

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Crunchy Cucumber Salad

Crunchy Cucumber Salad is made creamy–yet still healthy–with labneh, and the cukes hold their crunch with a quick drain after they are sliced. I consider this crunchy, creamy salad one of the greatest in my summer repertoire for three reasons: I always have cucumbers, labneh, and herbs. A creamy (yet healthy) salad that can be…

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Garlicky Sumac Shrimp Grill

Garlicky Sumac Shrimp skewers on a blue plate

Garlicky Sumac Shrimp Grill is ON for summer dinners alfresco. Everything about this gluten-free recipe is quick: a fast 30-minute marinade, and just 6 minutes on the grill will get you an incredibly delicious, healthy, party-worthy dish. “Nothing says a party like shrimp!” That’s my brother Tom’s line, circa a good many years ago, in…

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