Tart Cherry Sorbet Sundaes with Amarena Cherries

My tart cherry love began in northern Michigan but was deepened with the incredible tart cherry sorbet sundaes I’ve had in other places. My tart cherry sorbet recipe is simple to make and the flavor is fabulous, enhanced with a whisper of rose water! I find it ironic that some of the most memorable ice…

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Pasta with Labneh and Peas

Pasta with labneh and peas is a simple dish that comes together in the time it takes the pasta to cook, one of my favorite meals to make when I’m alone or whenever I need a fast but very delicious dinner. Just be sure to cook the labneh sauce at low temperatures to avoid curdling,…

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Blondie Bars with Caramel

Blondie bars with orange blossom caramel

This favorite recipe for blondie bars with caramel originates with Claire Ptak’s The Violet Bakery Cookbook. I’ve added orange blossom water, which is such a good friend of caramel, and tahini, a good friend of most everything! These bars will become your go-to for picnics, potlucks, and parties of any kind… Couple of months ago,…

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Fresh Mint Hummus

Fresh Mint Hummus is so fresh and flavorful, we may not ever eat hummus any other way…. Use the same simple hummus ingredients of skinless chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini with a big handful of fresh mint and basil for a hummus that tastes as beautiful as it looks. Finish fresh mint hummus with…

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Lemon Bundt Cake with Raspberry Rose Glaze

Lemon bundt with raspberry rose glaze

This lemon bundt cake with raspberry glaze steals the show! The moist, fragrant lemon bundt is fully glazed with ultra-flavorful raspberry glaze. Do it for Mom, do it for you, do it for anyone you want to wow. I sort of surprised myself, and not in a good way. Let me preface what I’m about…

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Chocolate Tahini Breakfast Rolls

Chocolate Tahini Breakfast Rolls in a beautiful white baking dish

Chocolate tahini breakfast rolls are like the rich, gorgeous cousin of a cinnamon roll. Butter enriches both the chocolately filling and the soft, pull-apartable dough. Yes, you can make these ahead and refrigerate the dough before the second rise, then bake them off like a champ morning of.  It makes sense, I think, to rate…

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Pomegranate Glazed Leg of Lamb

Pomegranate glazed leg of lamb

Pomegranate glazed leg of lamb gets its tremendous flavor from a short marinade, then a glaze of sweet-tart pomegranate molasses toward the end of roasting. This lamb recipe is absolutely made for special occasions like Easter. The pomegranate glaze lends a glisten to the lamb, worthy of carving at the table for all to see.…

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Raspberry Rose Marshmallows

Raspberry Rose Marshmallows are the thing homemade marshmallow dreams are made of…soft, gently sweet, beautiful to make and eat. These get layers of flavor with LorAnn Oils raspberry extract and freeze-dried raspberries, a flavor that pairs perfectly with rose water. It is not a secret over here that I was not a great eater when…

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Drinks with Mulberry and Rose Syrups

Lebanese Mulberry Syrup spritzer over ice in a beautiful glass, by Maureen Abood

Mulberry and Rose syrups are a part of the Lebanese syrup tradition, and boy do they make delicious sips! Syrups dissolve readily in any liquid, making them the perfect way to bring big flavor to your glass. My sister has pointed out to me, more than once, that I have not shared enough beverages, adult…

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Tomato Kibbeh

Tomato kibbeh on a blue and white platter with mint and olive oil, Maureen Abood

Tomato kibbeh is a flavorful mix of fine bulgur, onion, herbs, and ripe tomatoes with kibbeh spices. So good, tomato kibbeh might just make you forget the raw meat version…. When he told me he was more or less done with meat, I didn’t believe him. It was last spring, and the brother of mine…

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