How to use Rose Water

Rose Water with pink raspberry buttercream

Find out more about how to use  rose water in cooking and baking! We love this  special Lebanese culinary tradition. Find pure imported flower waters in my shop here. We just HAVE to kick off February and spring with an ode to the beautiful Lebanese tradition of baking with flower waters. Their  flavor is iconic,…

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How to make Lebanese Baklava

Simple Syrup for Lebanese Baklawa, Maureen Abood

Learn how to make Lebanese baklawa (baklava) with confidence, ease, and joy! Here you will make phyllo your friend, clarified butter your baby, toasty ground nuts your nirvana. And flower water syrup—that sweet simplicity that distinguishes Lebanese baklawa from all other baklavas—your pure, aromatic nectar. Scroll down to find links to all of the recipes.…

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Classic Homemade Hummus Recipe

Smooth hummus in the food processor, Maureen Abood

The Best Homemade Hummus Recipe This is Your Guide to the Best Homemade Hummus Recipe You Can Make or Eat. Because there are so few ingredients in homemade smooth hummus, each one has to be the best. Here are the tricks to getting your homemade hummus to come out smooth and luscious. I’ve been talking,…

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Lebanese Spinach Pies, fatayer

Lebanese spinach pies on a blue floral plate, Maureen Abood

These little Lebanese spinach pies, fatayer, are a beloved Lebanese treat. The dough can be tricky to keep closed during baking, but with my dough and tricks help! Fill Lebanese fatayer with spinach, meat, squash, kale and feta, or your own invention! You’d think I’ve been taking entrance exams for a job at Cook’s Illustrated.…

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