Lebanese Baklava Recipes

Lebanese Baklawa diamonds, Maureen Abood

Here are all of the expert tips you need to make excellent Lebanese Baklava Recipes at home! Try the simplified pour-over method I pioneered, so you need not butter every layer!

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(Much!) Easier Spanakopita

Easier spanakopita in a pan

Spanakopita is traditionally made by buttering layer after layer of phyllo. No more! Try my (much!) easier Spanakopita using my super simple hack. This is a recipe my Sitto learned at her Greek Orthodox Church and shared with me. The original includes the best of everything, and my original post went to the heart of…

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Pita Veggie Melts

Pita with broccoli on a sheetpan

Fluffy bakery pita or your own homemade pita are the perfect base for Pita Veggie Melts. My mom was truly tickled when she “discovered” the incredible versatility of pita, employing the bread as a base for all kinds of toppings. She loved a pita-pizza for her kids, but for herself, a “sand dollar”: open-faced pita…

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35 Lebanese Easter Recipes

Deviled Eggs, MaureenAbood.com

Add flair and family favorites to your Easter menu with 35 favorites that we turn to for fabulous Easter cooking, baking, eating, and celebrating! I’m revisiting this special post from early on in the life of my blog, because the sentiments hold true and I want to say it all again to you! It has…

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Cabbage Rolls in Tomato Broth

Cabbage rolls with tomato on a platter

The most traditional, most beloved stuffed Lebanese cabbage rolls in tomato broth are easy to make following these simple steps. To make my Garlicky Cabbage Rolls in a water-based broth, click here. So many cultures have their version of a cabbage roll, and with good reason. Cabbage makes the perfect wrapper for fillings, especially the…

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Feta and Kale Fatayer

Baked feta kale fatayer on a sheet pan

This is a delectable way to fill traditional Lebanese fatayer, with feta and kale for a flavor bomb to love! I’m still having relationship issues with fatayer, the little Lebanese pies that we all go crazy for. First off, it’s bothered me that my spelling of fatayar is different than what I’m seeing elsewhere as…

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How to Make Great Tahini Sauce

Tahini sauce in a bowl with a whisk

Great tahini sauce finds itself on so many of our favorite dishes, from Lebanese shawarma to falafel. Learn how to make tahini sauce with the method that results in a smooth, glossy, delicious sauce. Shop my online market here for excellent tahini (not all are created equally!). You would think that making tahini sauce is…

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(Easy!) Valentine Spectacular Cake

Make a simple, luscious buttercream and decorate with abandon to create this (easy!) Valentine Spectacular Cake. Find rose water for the pink Raspberry Rose Butterceam here. Get the trick to making a heart cake with pans you already have here. Our simple heart cake trick creates a heart cake as a base for gorgeous pink…

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How to Make a Heart Cake with Pans You Already Have.

Pink Frosted Heart Cake

No heart pan? No problem. Here’s how to make a heart cake using pans you  already have. The finished cake can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. In any case, your cake will be spectacular!   This simple cake trick creates a heart cake as a base for frosting or decorating to…

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Simple 7 Spice Chicken

7 Spice chicken on a platter held in hands

Simple 7 Spice chicken yields deep golden color with mouthwatering flavor. Purchase excellent 7 Spice in my shop here. This Simple 7 Spice Chicken recipe came to life out of my correction of a chicken-rut. For years, for a lifetime, I have exclusively made my mom’s oven fried chicken any time I’m roasting bone-in, skin-on…

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