Savory Phyllo Galette with Labneh, Tomatoes, and Olives

Savory Phyllo Galette on a sheet pan with a slice cut

This savory phyllo galette — crisp, buttery phyllo with creamy labneh, seared tomatoes, and briny olives — is gorgeous showpiece to serve as an appetizer, or as a centerpiece for a light meal along with a salad.  It’s true that when Aunt Rita told me her quick-make method for baklawa, I was a fast and…

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Bread and Butter Sweet Pickle Chips

Bread and Butter Sweet Pickle Chicops

My bread and butter sweet pickle chips are so simple to make, but huge on flavor and crunch. The sweet onion is as delicious as the cucumbers in these refrigerator pickles. Here’s the thing about the abundance of the last three months up north in Michigan: Yes, we’ve had that long-awaited access to local fruit…

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Apricot Nectarine Cobbler

Apricot Nectarine Cobbler with yogurt biscuits

My favorite Apricot Nectarine Cobbler is made with light, fluffy biscuits made moist and tender with laban (yogurt). The apricots and nectarines pair perfectly and require no peeling, a much faster preparation. Try my blueberry cobbler recipe too, with a shortbread-like crust (and a story I hold dear). I’m thinking to change the name of…

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Raspberry Rose Jelly

Raspberry rose jelly is a beautiful way to enjoy ultra-pure raspberry flavor with no seeds. The rose water makes the raspberry taste even more raspberry! Everyone has a texture thing of one sort or another, don’t you think? My texture thing is not extensive, really it’s not. Oysters? No problem. Pate? Yes please. Labneh and…

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Kibbeh Sahnieh in a Round Pan

Kibbeh sahnieh in a round pan, cut in diamonds

Learn here how to cut a round kibbeh sahnieh into diamonds! To make this classic Lebanese kibbeh sahnieh, use a large pan, 14-16 inches, and layer the kibbeh with a lemony meat and onion filling. Bake and broil until deep golden brown, and you’re golden too! While I’ve been diving in whenever possible lately to…

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Toum, Lebanese garlic sauce

Toum garlic sauce in a dish with yellow spatula

Toum, the Lebanese garlic spread people go bonkers over, is an emulsion of garlic and oil. Here are tips based on what I’ve learned about making toum! One great discovery in all of my toum-making is that if you don’t have a food processor, just reach for your whisk. P.S., “toum” is simply the Arabic…

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Pomegranate Glazed Leg of Lamb

Pomegranate glazed leg of lamb

Pomegranate glazed leg of lamb gets its tremendous flavor from a short marinade, then a glaze of sweet-tart pomegranate molasses toward the end of roasting. This lamb recipe is absolutely made for special occasions like Easter. The pomegranate glaze lends a glisten to the lamb, worthy of carving at the table for all to see.…

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Date-filled Ka’ik

Date filled molded kaik cookies

There are many versions of Lebanese ka’ik (or ka’ak), some biscuit-like and others bread-like. This spiced, glazed sweet bread version is filled with dates and pressed for a beautiful imprint on top. Find the molds at Maureen Abood Market. As I was noting recently, the scent of what’s cooking in the kitchen has a powerful…

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Showstopper Chocolate Cake with Caramel and Marshmallow

Toasted Marshmallow frosting over a chocolate caramel cake, Muareen Abood

This cake makes everyone happy wherever it goes! A super-simple yet very elegant dark chocolate cake is filled with caramel and topped with marshmallow frosting. A hint of orange blossom in the caramel is special. Torch the beautiful white peaks and valleys on your cake for a toasty, s’mores-like effect, one I just can’t get…

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Brioche Star with Strawberry Rose Jam

Baked brioche star with strawberry rose jam, Maureen Abood

This gorgeous brioche star with strawberry rose jam is scented with orange zest. A beautiful and delicious way to wake up on a holiday morning. Make the dough for the brioche star up to two days before you want to shape and bake the bread, keeping it chilled in the refrigerator. Also see my Christmas…

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