Hello there! This is a quick note to let you know that I’ll be teaching Lebanese cuisine in Chicago on Monday, October 19th at the Chopping Block, Merchandise Mart in Chicago. I would love to see you there to talk, cook, taste, and of course: sign books for you, your family and friends! Reserve your seat by calling 312-644-6360, or click here.

I’ve been enjoying this wonderful culinary center since its first days in a wonderful old house on Webster in Lincoln Park, so it’s been special to see how The Chopping Block has grown and it’s a great honor to now bring Lebanese culinary delights there.

See you soon, Chicago!


Maureen Abood cooks Lebanese in Chicago 10/19

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7 Responses to "Chicago Lebanese cooking class October 19th!"
  1. Pearl says:

    Awesome, my friend lives in Chicago, I’ll be sure to tell her about this!

  2. Jada says:

    Hi Maureen, thank you for your wonderful stories and recipes. I have two questions for you; will you be coming to Portland, Oregon on your book tour and if so, when? And, in general, what kind of cinnamon do you recommend for Lebanese cooking? A spicy-hot, strong Vietnamese cinnamon, a more mellow fruity-citrusy Ceylon, or maybe something in the middle?

    • Maureen Abood says:

      Hi Jada–great question. I use all kinds of cinnamons rather than just one, but my basic is a Vietnamese cinnamon. Love it!

  3. Asma says:

    I’m in Chicago but no more places left:( Hope you come back soon!

  4. shaheen says:

    maureen, your cookbook, recipes, stories and pictures are all wonderful.
    when, however, are you going to demonstrate how to bake the basic pita, lebanese/syrian bread that is so basic to all our food? so basic, in fact, that many middle eastern americans still use bread in place of utensils.
    thank you!

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