Hello fall. Hello pumpkin and low-lying morning fog.

Hello to you too, quiet; whenever you come home, I realize how much I’ve missed you.

Hello chill.

Hello chill? Um, not so much. My greeting is less “hello” and more “get the expletive away from me.” I have never been a friend of the cold. Can’t chew on ice to save my life. Can’t drink cold water (I always, and annoyingly, request water-no-ice when I’m out). Brush my teeth and take my water at home at least lukewarm, and ideally very warm. It’s a wonder I am such a fan of the ice cream, but if I keep it away from my teeth, I manage to get it down astonishingly easily.

Besides the excessive layering of clothes I wear to stay warm (I have to accept my Michelin Man movements for the better part of the next eight months Up North), you’ve got to know that I elbow out any and all chill by steaming up the kitchen windows with my favorite cold-season Lebanese recipes. I love how our food can flourish, and give us the balance we seek, in any season. The fall equinox is all about balance after all; day and night are the same now, which means we have to find something to entertain us equally as well as the lingering late light of summer did.

Come over and we’ll eat, drink and be merry here in the kitchen while the wind whips only itself, not us, outside.

Lebanese Recipes for Fall

Kibbeh Footballs
The perfect grab-and-go food; our tailgater treat (in fair weather, of course).

Quickly becoming the nation’s favorite food…

Lebanese Green Bean Stew, Lubieh
Peggy’s finest. Served over rice.

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