It pains me to get rid of the glass jars that enter my kitchen. So I end up with rather large collections of them in the pantry, and try my best to reduce by giving away whatever I can think of in a jar.

The Ball and Kerr mason jars find many uses here on Main Street, and I like to buy big multi-packs of them. But my favorite jars are like my favorite people—they come in unusual shapes and sizes, and I’ve been known to buy a foodstuff just for the jar that contains it. Last week when I entered the alien galaxy of Costco in South Florida for some big-family grocery shopping, my mother and I went after a lovely bottle of cheap Frascati wine just for the unusual shape of the bottle tied up with thin gold twine. The wine was blah but the bottle was rah rah. For $6.95, I figured it was worth it.

Some obvious uses for my many jars are canning and preserves, but I also like to use the jar to give away a random pint of granola or a taste of caramel sauce.

In the refrigerator, I have jars filled with the toasted nuts that I reach for all the time for snacking or to jazz up a salad. I keep a jar of egg whites that preserves them for months on end, and it gives me a handy place to deposit whites whenever I’m separating eggs for the yolks.

In my spice cabinet, I have a jar with brown sugar in it that keeps the sugar nice and moist. Dried mint, or nana, just begs to reside in a glass jar too.

Seeing as the trip to bounty will be taking place in the coming months, I’m not going to be getting rid of jars any time soon. They’re going to come down off their humble shelf, get all dressed up in something special from the garden, and then have plenty of places to go. Maybe over to your house, tied with a ribbon and a note of thanks from me, for your friendship.

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