Paper placemats are my heroes. They are the poster child of reinvention, the sleeper of kool kitchen stuff. They’re the synthesis of so much that I can’t get enough of—first, they are paper, and I am a sucker for paper in all of its forms (paper art, paper bakeware, paper lace, parchment paper, and of course, paper paper).

Secondly, these particular paper placemats are the colors of happy. You know I have a thing for white, but not in a paper placemat. That would be too much Bill Knapp’s (fond memories, but no), and not enough just-look-at-me-now! on the table.

I’m all for reinvention. You don’t even have to chuck your job and head to culinary school to get a taste of it. Just try a big pad of these paper placemats that I found downtown Harbor Springs at the lovely L’Esprit (by Two’s Company; buy them here), tear them off like the huge post-it notes you left behind in an office somewhere, and set up your table inside or out. Fun is here.

And if I memory serves, those post-it notes never, ever commanded me to “PLAY” on the cover.


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6 Responses to "Favorite Things: Paper Placemats"
  1. Lovely pattern and great idea.

  2. Check out

    Featured on the Today show and elsewhere, this company is run in part by an old ND Classmate, Alicia “Muffin” Tullos, out of Atlanta

    She has many more patterns and colors, we’ve yet to put up on our site.

    Cheers, PC

  3. Amanda says:

    Not usually one for any kind of placemats, but these are too pretty. And fun with the post-it note feel. Do they stick to the table?

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