St. Paul said it right in a letter to his friends: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Do you have sweet Valentine memories? Mine include little boxes that my father placed on the dining room table for his three Valentines, who he always remembered on this day. They came from a special gift shop that used to grace downtown Lansing, Lieberman’s. The wrapping was as exquisite as what was inside, with origami hearts and ribbon twirls on glossy white, pink, or red paper.

I actually have a relative named Valentine. He once sang “You are my sunshine” at a party on the lawn at my Uncle Fred’s house and had the whole crowd singing along with him. Uncle Val passed away recently, leaving a great legacy of sunshine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. May it be filled with Strawberry Rose Dreams and Valentine cut out cookies with royal icing. And the greatest love, not only for the people in your life, but for yourself.

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