A thrilling experience I had when I was living in Chicago was discovering Lebanese coosa at the Green City Market (I’m easily thrilled). This variety of summer squash was dubbed “Korean” squash by the wonderful Green Acres Farm, but it is one and the same as the small, pale green Lebanese squash I hadn’t seen anywhere but at Horrock’s Farm Market back in my hometown of Lansing, Michigan. My coosa pictured above (center) is a little knicked after surviving a trip up north this week with my sister (we are serious about our coosa. I haven’t seen any up here, so Peggy brought some up from Chicago. Thanks Peg.). But not unlike some of us, a few knicks and bruises along the way just gave the coosa character and didn’t really detract from its beauty, or more importantly, its delicious flavor.

This week we are going to make a classic summer Lebanese dish of stuffed squas­­­­h. So stock up soon on a dozen or more green and yellow zucchini and, if you are lucky, Lebanese squash, and get ready to savor this mouthwatering dish. Try a combination of different squash; it’s beautiful on the plate and the palate. The golden yellow zucchini is especially pretty, sweet and succulent. Select squash that is straight rather than bent as many of them are, and you’ll want them to be plump enough to stuff. If you can only find bent squash, still get it. We’ll just cut the bent end off, and that will be fine.

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