I know what you’re thinking: really, wheat germ? What could she possibly be making that we’ll want to eat that includes wheat germ? She must have confused 2012 with 1972. Why not strawberries or some other gorgeous spring crop?

Farmer’s market opens soon, very soon, and I promise that the voluptuous parade will be back in the Main Street Kitchen soon too. For now, we’ve got granules like anise, sumac…and, yes, wheat germ.

I haven’t used wheat germ before, and when I cracked open a jar I thought it looked a lot like bulghur. But they’re not the same thing. Cracked wheat is whole wheat that is split apart into pieces. Wheat germ is one tiny part of the wheat berry, but that tiny part packs a serious nutritional punch. It has more protein than most meats (28%), contains more potassium and iron than any other food, and also is loaded with riboflavin, calcium, zinc, magnesium, as well as vitamins A, B1, B3, and E.

If that doesn’t make you want to eat wheat germ by the spoonful (and it tastes pretty good, nutty and rather sweet), then the homemade granola bars we’re making this week will. These are going to be our very own, DIY, super-satisfying power bars. Of course, you could skip the wheat germ. But only the gluten-free among us have good reason to leave it out. As long as we’re eating granola instead of little donuts for a snack or breaky, we might as well go the full distance, don’t you think?

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