Heavenly Hummus Kits, Maureen Abood Market

For my dad growing up, working at Aboods Food Market meant missing plenty of good fun. Saturdays and any day school was out, he and his brothers were expected to show up in one place and one place only: the market. Shelves needed stocking, butchery needed butchering, and customers needed a smile—with quality, quality, quality.

It was a lot of work, so it was all family hands on deck.

I can’t say if Dad (the handsome guy, in stripes), or his dad (Jiddo, my grandfather) would be thrilled about my news today or if they’d slap my hand and tsk me three times. I’m going to go with thrilled, at least for the legacy factor.

Maureen Abood Market

For my part, it is indeed a great thrill to share with you the news of the new shop here at MaureenAbood.com. Since launching this blog, you have asked me where to buy the best ingredients for our Lebanese recipes.

When I found the finest tahini (never bitter!), blended the most delicious za’atar (with imported Lebanese thyme), tasted the brightest Lebanese olive oil, and made incredibly smooth, light hummus with pre-peeled chickpeas—whenever I have come across something unique and beautiful, I have thought of you and wished you could enjoy it, too.

Zaatar tins, Maureen Abood


Lebanese Kibbeh Spice, Maureen Abood Market

A good while back I started shooting the breeze with my sister Peg about sharing these special ingredients with you. Anyone who knows Peg (and many of you do, from my posts here or in person) knows that girl can get $#!@ done.

She thought she might like to dive in to project Maureen Abood Market with me, and a whole new sisterhood of the traveling Lebanese ingredients was born.

Sisters Abood, Maureen Abood

You’ll find the Market in the Shop! link at the top of this page, and right here. We’re starting with a few very special, select ingredients and you can be sure we’ll be growing by leaps and bounds as we get our sea legs. I hope you love everything you see in the Market as much as I do, and I’d love for you to share what you make in the kitchen wherever you get social, using #maureenaboodmkt so we can all follow along (pictures, please!).

I’ll be posting soon and often about the ingredients in the market (each one has a wonderful story, of course!) and can’t wait to hear your feedback and about ingredients you’d love to see us source.

Heavenly Hummus Kits, Maureen Abood
Heavenly Hummus Kits stacked, Maureen Abood


It’s been a lot of work, this shop. Many family hands have been on deck one way or another (we’re a Lebanese family—just a wee bit of advice gets thrown around!), and Dan is about ready to have some actual hummus, and not just hummus kits, on our dining room table. But like the Aboods Food Market of yesteryear, this one is a worth-it labor of love, of the sort that brings us all together in a most delicious way.

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