Laham mishweh platter POST

My Lent has gone something like this: I think I’ll give up my usual sweets for Lent. And while I’m at it, I’ve been eating more bread than I’d like, so I’ll toss that off the menu for good measure. Oh, and red meat. Yeah, no more red meat (and that includes you, lamb recipes!); I gotta ramp it down.

I took a little different tact, keeping my gargantuan fasting plan more or less under wraps—which isn’t my usual. See last year’s meatless sweetless yadda yadda yadda. This time round, I was quiet other than highlighting some great Lebanese vegetarian recipes I love (bulgur pilaf, mujadara with an egg, cucumber bites with labneh).

I’m pretty certain the quiet had less to do with a humble fast-in-private sentiment, and more to do with some sixth sense I had that I was going to #lentfail, big time. The adage rings true, I now know firsthand, that if you try to do too much, you will do none of it well.

Grilled chops platter POST

Mint sauce POST

Seems like every time I turned around I was finding a really good reason why this bread here I must eat, that sweet there I ought to just taste, or boy I could use some protein right now, and that _________ (insert: raw kibbeh, fried kibbeh, baked kibbeh) will do just fine.

So while the feasting this Easter weekend may not yield the same post-fast endorphins of years past, it’s still going to be a feast. The lamb is the standout over here, chops or racks or kebab with red onion, plus fresh mint sauce. You know I’ll dive in, and (quietly) wish myself better luck next year.

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