We too are called to withdraw at certain intervals into deeper silence and aloneness with God. We cannot find God in noise or agitation. ~Mother Teresa

(A solitary winter walk on the Bluff. I too have had my version of silence this week…technology glitches kept things quiet over here. Turns out the aloneness was a good thing, but I’ll look forward to seeing you for our usual recipes, photos and stories next week.)

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9 Responses to "Postcard from Up North"
  1. Lisa Fata says:

    This photo has me wishing for a technology glitch.
    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mrs Anna Engdahl says:

    I love your recipes and am wondering if you plan to write a cook book.It’s not just the recipes, I also like the little stories that go along with them.

  3. Bill B says:


  4. Tom says:

    I’ve missed your blog posts and I’m glad the opportunity for solitude came your way. What a blessing. Beautiful photo and great quote. My heart eased as I read it. In all the great hero’s journey myths, the hero always returns with a message of blessing for the community. Welcome back!

  5. Maureen, I concur with all the beautifully written messages above–such lovely words on which I cannot improve and they say what is in my heart too!

  6. Barbara Hammoud says:

    You have a way of working in Symbolism that is a blessing to receive !

  7. Patty says:

    Love your photos and quotes! An oasis for my soul. Love the recipes, too!!

  8. Erin says:

    Beautiful quote from Mother Teresa. Thank you for sharing! Hope HS is treating you well. Praying spring is just around the corner! I love your blog- consider me a loyal new fan.

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