Salted Tahini Avocado Toast is among my favorite ways to a hearty, healthy, delicious toast. There are few ingredients in this toast, barely touched, so every one of them matters and should be the best you can find.

Avocado tahini toast top, Maureen Abood

“You should make them your chicken wings.

Or better yet, my rocking hot chili. I can’t believe you haven’t given them that!”

That’s what my sister Peg said when I told her what’s cooking this week at Rose Water & Orange Blossoms. Apparently salted avocado toast with tahini and sesame seeds didn’t strike her as terribly helpful in preparation for game-day fare.

Okay, agreed. This is healthy-breakfast, mid-morning-snack fare. But the game isn’t until later (right? I need to know so I can catch the half-time show, a few commercials, and then make my za’atar popcorn for Downton Abbey at 9 EST), and come on, it’s not Thanksgiving or something when everyone’s “saving up” all day and not eating til later.

Avocado for toast, Maureen Abood

Toast ingredients, Maureen Abood

Besides, I’d have nothing of holding off another minute, let alone another week, to share this toast with you. I’ve been stalking avocado toast and toasts of every sort for a good long time, because they’re everywhere (note the cover of Bon Appetit, January) and because I’m such a huge toast person in general. Sometimes I think I bake talami just so I can toast it two days later.

I was shocked, and fascinated, to see that there was no toaster on the counter when I married Dan and moved in; recently when I told him that what he was looking for was in the cabinet by the toaster, he asked: where’s the toaster? I don’t mind saying I’ve been toasting in the oven, under the broiler, until I can lasso the perfect toaster that’ll handle bread that comes from unusually-shaped, often lengthy and large, artisanal loaves of real bread.

Zingermans bread, Maureen Abood

Zingermans meat counter, Maureen Abood

Also, in defense of avocado toast this week, I just made a visit to Ann Arbor that included a stop at Zingerman’s, and I’m so bonkers over it that I have to tell everyone I see about how much I love that place, how I can’t believe I’ve never been in before, how this shop changes my life because I now understand that in 45 minutes (the same amount of time it took me to ride the L downtown Chicago to my epicurean dream-shops or the bus across San Francisco to the Ferry Market), I can put my hands on any cheese imaginable, ten different species of prosciutto with special recommendations from the guy behind the counter, an entire wall of honeys (granted, none less than $19).

This is big news over here in mid-Michigan.

Zingermans wall of honey, Maureen Abood


Zingermans sign, Maureen Abood

Zingerman’s is famous for their decadent house-made sandwiches, but all I could think of when I saw their golden, sesame-speckled loaves of challah was not an epic sandwich, but toast.

With avocado. Tahini. Maldon salt. On my own blue toast plate.

Challah, Maureen Abood

Challah toast, Maureen Abood

Avocado tahini toast, Maureen Abood

While you’re out shopping for dips (by the way: try this one, this one, and this one) and wings and things for Sunday afternoon (or is it evening?), set aside one of the avocados you bought for guac and throw in the very finest loaf of bread you can buy or bake. You’ve got some game-day toast to make.


Salted Tahini Avocado Toast on a blue floral plate with blue linen napkin.

Salted Avocado Tahini Toast

Servings: 1 toast
Recipe by: Maureen Abood

There are few ingredients in this toast, barely touched, so every one of them matters and should be the best you can find. Be sure the avocado is firm-soft here, so that it just barely gives when squeezed.



  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 firm-ripe avocado, thinly sliced
  • 1 thick slice bread, toasted and still warm
  • 1 tablespoon tahini
  • Pinch sea salt
  • Pinch sesame seeds


  1. Squeeze the lemon juice over the slices of avocado, then lay the slices of avocado over the hot toast. Drizzle the tahini over the avocado and the toast. Finish with the salt and sesame seeds. Eat immediately, then repeat.

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