I know that everyone seems to be all about the sterilized canning, and I’ve done a good bit of that in the past. But seems I can’t get enough of the Lebanese recipes for quick pickles and preserves that hold in the refrigerator. The pickles last several weeks, especially the turnips. The preserves, I’ve found, have lasted up to a year in the refrigerator, especially if they’re unopened. I just pulled out a jar of quick raspberry preserves I made with last summer’s U-Pick razzles, and they were pristine, perfect, as though I’d done the full-on canning job—but I didn’t. Here are my favorite pickles, along with the all-time very best jam ever known to humankind, the Lebanese favorite: apricot preserves.

And don’t forget the jars! Weck makes it all extra-special.

Turnip Pickles
A beet in the mix makes these turnips, or lifft, their trademark shade of pink. Spice them up with banana peppers and garlic.

Quick Pickles
Mix up your veggies all in one jar, or do them all separate; either way, these quick pickles are crunchy, bright, and flavorful.

Apricot Preserves
Make this now…there will be no going back.

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