Apricot Nectarine Cobbler

Apricot Nectarine Cobbler with yogurt biscuits

My favorite Apricot Nectarine Cobbler is made with light, fluffy biscuits made moist and tender with laban (yogurt). The apricots and nectarines pair perfectly and require no peeling, a much faster preparation. Try my blueberry cobbler recipe too, with a shortbread-like crust (and a story I hold dear). I’m thinking to change the name of…

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Apricot Jam Tart + Canned Jam

This apricot tart is the glory of all that is apricot–deeply fruity, tart, and yes, sunny, especially when its made with homemade preserves. I love the crust too, with the zing of lemon zest and a great short texture. The first winter I spent living in Harbor Springs by myself, I spent many hours, many…

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Tahini-Date Granola Bars, with Dried Apricots. A strong start.

Tahini date granola bars, MaureenAbood.com

Tahini-date granola bars are chewy, nutty, and have that delicious tangy dried fruit flavor with dried apricots. The tahini combines great with peanut butter, but you can do all tahini, leave out the almonds and go nut-free. Have fun and add other dried fruits, nuts, and seeds–just be sure to keep the same proportions so…

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Burnt Sugar Apricots with Labneh, and a must-have book

Broiled Apricots with Labneh, MaureenAbood.com

I’ve written a bit here about the Lebanese love of all things apricot (do you a-pricot or ay-pricot?), and I do wait with baited breath every year for these precious darlings to show their faces. Which is why I’m surprised I never thought of this special, light-touch treatment of them: halve, sprinkle with a pinch…

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Apricot Sherbet Recipe, from the summer sun

Apricot frozen yogurt pairs my favorite fruit–the beloved of the Lebanese, apricot–with tangy yogurt, which makes this sherbet not too sweet, and completely addictive. It’s remarkable to discover that a sherbet is simply just cooked fruit or fruit juice and sugar (not too much, or the sherbet won’t set and the fruit flavor won’t shine), chilled…

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Lebanese-inspired, protein-rich breakfasts

I’ve waxed, and then waned, on the subject of breakfast more than once here (like this), and a lot more than once over the course of…well, a lifetime. Breakfast has ruled me the way the croissant dough wants to rule the rolling pin. At a certain point you have to shake the big pin in…

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Detroit’s Eastern Market. I love and admire you.

My love affair with Michigan is no big secret. I’ve been professing my admiration and affection the last couple of years like Mr. Darcy finally proposing to Elizabeth: “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” Truth be told, since I’ve been back in Michigan after a long time…

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Simple Lebanese Pickles and Preserves

  I know that everyone seems to be all about the sterilized canning, and I’ve done a good bit of that in the past. But seems I can’t get enough of the Lebanese recipes for quick pickles and preserves that hold in the refrigerator. The pickles last several weeks, especially the turnips. The preserves, I’ve…

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Homemade Apricot-Lime Fruit Leather

If it still to this day surprises me, it’s got to be surprising to you too: Fruit leather is so Lebanese. I was eating fruit leather long before I’d ever heard that term, and even before we were buying fruit roll-ups at Schmidt’s on Lansing’s west side way back when. The original Lebanese version of…

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