Apricot Nectarine Cobbler

Apricot Nectarine Cobbler with yogurt biscuits

My favorite Apricot Nectarine Cobbler is made with light, fluffy biscuits made moist and tender with laban (yogurt). The apricots and nectarines pair perfectly and require no peeling, a much faster preparation. Try my blueberry cobbler recipe too, with a shortbread-like crust (and a story I hold dear). I’m thinking to change the name of…

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Lemon Bundt Cake with Raspberry Rose Glaze

Lemon bundt with raspberry rose glaze

This lemon bundt cake with raspberry glaze steals the show! The moist, fragrant lemon bundt is fully glazed with ultra-flavorful raspberry glaze. Do it for Mom, do it for you, do it for anyone you want to wow. I sort of surprised myself, and not in a good way. Let me preface what I’m about…

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Strawberry Cream Cake

Strawberry cream cake with whipped cream and topped with berries

Strawberry Cream Cake is a love song to fresh strawberries, just-picked! So fragrant and light, similar to strawberry shortcake, this dessert is a crowd-pleaser. On a drive up north here in Michigan, we recently heard a TED talk about the Blue Zones. These are the few communities around the world that have something important in…

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My Mom’s Chocolate Buttercream (for brownies)

Chocolate buttercream swirls over brownies.

The simplest, smoothest, most luscious chocolate buttercream you can make or eat is here. Thank you Mom!  My mother is famous for many dishes, for every Lebanese delight from her lemony salad to her eggplant, Sheik al Mehsheh. She is also an expert maker of chocolate buttercream. She uses it to thickly coat a pan…

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Strawberry Rose Cheesecake Recipe, with labneh

I was on the hunt for strawberries for all kinds of reasons. Number one: the presence of strawberries at the farmer’s market Up North would mean that the soil, the air, the sun and sky were, at long long last, generous enough to give us a taste of summer. Secondly, last Friday was the first…

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Favorite Things: Angled Measuring Cups

Measuring is serious business, especially when you’re baking. Most of us don’t use our Salter scales every time we add an ingredient to the mix, so the right measuring cups are important. My mom was the one who first started using the angled measure, and once I got a hold of them, well, she had…

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Lebanese Walnut Ma’moul Cookies

Ma'moul molded cookies with powdered sugar

Ma’moul cookies are a beloved Lebanese tradition: fragrant butter cookies filled with walnuts, formed in a special mold. Ma’moul cookies are made in three classic shapes; the dome here is typically filled with a walnut-orange blossom mixture. Purchase flower waters here and exceptional ma’moul molds here. I used to kick-box. A lot. And I loved…

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Lebanese Ma’moul Molds

It seemed as though in recent years there wasn’t a ma’moul mold to be found anywhere around here. Granted, ma’moul has never been as prominent on our holiday cookie plate as it could have been, but still, the molds are traditional Lebanese and special. Even if we weren’t making the cookies that often, we did…

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Recipes for your (full) holiday cookie plate

  Here’s what goes on in our house right about this time every year: the holiday china and its accessory pieces appear, as do the pretty paper plates for giving some of the bounty away. A plate or two are filled with cookies and candies, and refilled so that the plates are full at all times.…

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Lebanese Crunchy Sesame Cookies

If there is one cookie I want to eat every single day, it’s my crunchy sesame seed cookies. So crisp, light, and nutty, they are a perfect combination of flavor and texture. Keep the cookies in an airtight container. I used to travel what seemed like a major hike north in Chicago to get my…

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